Polybius Games have commissioned a series of Spy Quest books to be written by Andy Briggs ( renowned author (Tarzan, and and Hollywood screenwriter (Dark Relic, Ghost Town).

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The series will immerse children of all ages in the exciting world of international espionage and take our adventurers around the world on exciting missions which can then be experienced in real life at Hotels and Resorts across three continents.

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Spy Quest - 'Polybius - The Urban Legend'

by Andy Briggs

In the dark amusement arcades of the 1980s, a new game is discreetly! appearing - Polybius. It's addictive fun... but the machine mysteriously! disappears as swiftly as it arrived. So too does the one kid who claimed the! highest ever score... never to be heard from again...

Over thirty years later, computer games have moved on - but the players are as keen! as ever. SAM RAYNER is one such boy. His dreams of being a professional! gamer, a virtual athlete on a million dollar contract -- dreams that are scoffed by! his twin sister, REBECCA. She secretly enjoys playing games, but would never! openly admit that to her "geeky" brother -- that is until Sam wins an online! competition, giving the entire family a free holiday at a luxury hotel.

But it's not just a chance for his family to take a pampered break, it's a special! games tournament and a chance for Sam to chase his dream. Or that's what he! thinks - until he discovers a game has been mysteriously downloaded to his! mobile phone. A game called Polybius - a name from the darkest reaches of! urban legends.

Sam begins to play the oddly addictive game - secretly watched by a stern man! known only as JONES. Sam shrugs off his paranoia -

Until he returns to his room and finds his sister is missing! Jones is lurking in the! shadows - introducing himself as Agent Jones and explaining that his sister has! been abducted after playing the Polybius, gaining the highest anybody ever has.! The game is a recruitment tool that secret branches of the world's governments! have developed to train the very best child spies. A foreign power, envious of the! project, has abducted Rebecca.

Sam is amazed (and secretly annoyed Rebecca scored higher than him). Jones! has been watching Sam's progress and thinks he will make a good recruit - but! first they have to save his sister. Nobody knows that she's missing, but she will! be used to expose the Polybius project - and there is no doubt she will be killed! in the act.

Under Agent Jones' guidance, the junior agent must hone his skills and solve the! clues leading to his sister's abduction. The clock is ticking and the clues are! leading them on a trail across Europe!! The race is on and Sam wonders if he can really trust Agent Jones...?